Construction Planning

Improve planning processes by gathering an accurate data from high-resolution images, maps and 3D-models.

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Construction Process

Collect data throughout the entire construction process and constantly monitor the progress without interference into the workflow on the construction site.

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Undergo facility maintenance checks with a drone that fastes the procedures and provides detailed documentation of the inspection.

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Digital documentation

The drone generates in-depth data of an entire area, giving a detailed overview of existing conditions. Captured data is further processed from the office without the need for an actual presence on the site.

Reduce safety risks

Increase safety by using the drone that can perform tasks associated with a high risk.The drone is able to get to hard-to-reach places without threatening the pilot, other people or the building.

Increase efficiency

Besides time-saving achieved through the speed with which a drone flyover captures highly detailed imagery, Sitemotion enhances a productivity of the construction project by improving planning and project management processes.

Our mission

We believe that the emerging drone technology helps to achieve superior performance with higher quality of construction project.With the extensive architectural - and construction background of our certificated drone pilots, we are here to take you a step forward into the digital world.

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