Construction Process

We offer a professional consulting service during the entire construction process through the usage of drone technology to capture data on a regular basis. Our licensed pilots which  have a large expertise in the construction industry ensure that the collected data meets the highest standards.

SiteMotion optimizes the construction process, saves money and helps to find new solutions for an increase of the productivity. We're able to achieve that thanks to drone technology that offers:

  • Systematic registration of construction site
  • Detection of defects and inconsistencies
  • Notification about potential delay in the schedule
  • Digital documentation of entire construction process
  • Secure data sharing and export it into all major file formats
  • Timely monitoring of progress reports
  • Change detection

Registrations and Quality Assurance

The construction industry is associated with ongoing technical and organizational errors constantly occurring on the site due to the complexity and extensive, long-term nature of construction projects. To address these issues, SiteMotion does regular drone registrations, to detect potential inconsistency between what was designed and the actual construction process. Constant analysis and processing of the collected data results in the construction project being continued as planned, ultimately meeting the requirements of the end customer.

Sitemotion performs Quality Assurance checks through regular drone registrations of the construction process using Virtual Design & Construction model. The collected data is analyzed in terms of inconsistencies between actual conditions registered on the site and the project design. We warrant the highest level of accuracy and objectives of our measurement results.With the use of Sitemotion software, the result of the data analysis is transferred through the web and mobile application. The software sends notification messages about inconsistencies to the management staff, who can take immediate action to avoid further expansion of the inconsistency enabling them to prevent a buildup of errors and delays.

We undergo drone registrations in terms of differences in built and planned blueprint overlay, offering an alternative solution for manual Quality Assurance checks that is safer and more dependable. Sitemotion allows workers to work safely while the drone collects the data.  It enables the company to save resources as the drone can complete tasks that were previously assigned to multiple inspectors who run Quality Assurance manually.

Inventory Monitoring and Asset Management

The technology used in our solution enhances asset management procedures through reducing the risk of unnecessary movement of dirt, earth and elements. Thanks to a drone that executes fast and accurate quantity calculations, the supervision of gravels, stockpiles and other construction components become more efficient and safe as the inspection is done autonomously by a drone that can obtain information from the areas difficult to access for humans. Captured data provides information about the volume and current location of materials and components. We assist in the deployment of assets ultimately reducing complications and boosting overall construction procedures.Drone technology enables accuracy, safety and the ability to undergo frequent inventory calculations of a large area on a regular basis, which results in cost savings and productivity increase. Sitemotion offers more efficient project management tool that assists in an accurate measurement of:

  • cubic yards of the stockpiles
  • density of the subject
  • elevations of the earthworks

Communication and control system

Sitemotion is an integrated and interactive platform that can continuously document and revise a construction process through a web and mobile devices. Our ultimate goal it to ensure efficient project management in the construction industry by providing a transparency throughout the entire construction process.Sitemotion provides an overview of the performance of all suppliers in the construction project and helps keep track of the workflow. Tasks that are not completed are automatically communicated directly between the responsible parties enabling an immediate reaction to avoid delays.

The data provides an overview of a construction site and improve communication throughout the process. The results of the registration are subsequently processed into detailed documentation that assists in following all the work process which forms the basis for approval and completion of the project and record an overall state of the construction for future inspections.

Sitemotion facilitates multiple benefits for the communication system such as:

  • Improvement of  team productivity
  • An increase of project transparency
  • Straightening of a collaboration with stakeholders and contractors
  • Monitoring individual subcontractors performance
  • comparison of actual job progress with the initial blueprint