About Sitemotion

SiteMotion is a system developed by Danish company BuildCode. We are specialized in the development of innovative software for optimizing  QA and control of work process on the construction site. We develop a system for registration and processing of data  enabling our clients to reduce errors, deficiencies and failures in the early phase of the construction projects before they lead to a serious failure. Our construction technology background helps us to provide our customers with comprehensive consultancy assistance in facilitating sustainable construction processes. We are using an alternative approach to Quality Assurance and Progress Management system using drone technology for collecting the data from the construction site to detect inconsistency between design and registration, hence helping in foreseeing and prevent their consequences for the construction process and quality of the delivered building.

Our innovative technology enables

  • Increase the of QA
  • Make accurate measurements with a drone
  • Obtain information from difficult passable areas
  • Collect the data without interference into the workflow
  • Increase safety by using the drone that can perform tasks associated with a high risk
  • Create detailed documentation of a building


We aim to be customer's first choice in relation to solutions for autonomous quality assurance and process management by developing innovatory software that revolutionizes current approach towards the methods of controlling processes in the construction industry. This will be done through regular registrations with drones and robots throughout the entire construction process

Our drones & licenses


  • DJI Matrice
  • DJI Inspire 1


  • Zenmuse X5/X5R/X3/XT/Z30/Z3
  • Red epic
  • Sony A5R II
  • Panasonic GH4


  • Rainin-MX
  • FPV glasses


  • Category 1A: less than 1.5 kg
  • Category 1B: between 1.5 and 7 kg
  • Category 2: between 7 and 25 kg


Martin Niminski

CEO & Founder

Mikkel Frost

Product developer

Simon Skov

Key account manager

Magnus Kjær

Key account manager

Christian Nielsen


Kevin Barta


Lars Vestergaard


Naomi Iten

Marketing & content manager